Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon at the National Oregon/California Trail Center

Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon

The Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon is a themed dining experience with 10 circled wagons enjoying an evening meal at sunset. Tables and seating in each wagon is enhanced by large screen monitors that reflect scenes from the trail. Jeff "The Chef" Trevitz and his staff prepare and serve only the best cuisine with one of his specialties being prime rib. Maximum seating capacity is 80 patrons. The facility is designed to support special reservation-only group events including dinner concerts together with the Allinger Community Theatre, tour buses, conventions and large group gatherings. Since the Scenic Trails Chuck Wagon is NOTa restaurant and only open for group reservations in order to support the non-profit goals of the Oregogn Trail Center, meals are reserved only to these specific groups. Walk-in traffic is referred to other fine local area restaurants for service.